Here’s to holiday cheer!

Jacob Hanigan

Gifts, eggnog, lights and more are beginning to take over signaling the best time of the year. The holiday season is the time of year that everyone looks forward to. It is the time of year where we enjoy company of others, good food, and time away from homework. Christmas and New Year’s are among the best holidays in the entire year, but they aren’t what makes the holiday season amazing. The best part about the holiday season is the variety that each family has in regards to how they celebrate.

Many people celebrate differently than others, but that does not mean it is any less meaningful. Senior Ayden Beatty and freshman Ava Beatty celebrate by putting up their Christmas lights and decorating their tree as a family. They also choose to celebrate by celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Ayden said, “The holidays are special to me because I get to spend time with family whom I don’t see as often.”

The holiday season provides an aura that none other can match and it is truly the best time of the year. Families coming together to celebrate (even if COVID rules must be followed) and memories to be made makes every person itch for the next time the holiday season comes around.