Tacoma Weather: What to expect at the end of January


Image courtesy usclimatedata.com

Tacoma’s Climate Graph

Evan Baerg

Due to the governmental limit on contact with others, these past months have forced many people in the greater Tacoma area to containment within their homes. This has led many to feel trapped, and the infamous rainy weather of the Pacific Northwest is not helping. Will these gray skies and days of rain ever end?

Over the past month to date, the greater Tacoma area has received 6.35 inches of precipitation (Tacoma Forecast weather.com). For the average annual precipitation of Tacoma being 39.22 inches, this past month has accounted for over 15% of the rain expected throughout the whole year. However, as we pass the depths of winter and head into the spring and summer months, it is expected these overwhelming rainy days will begin to transition into a drier climate. The worst of winter has passed, and the Tacoma area is expected to transition to more varied weather in the next months. So don’t fret, there seems to be an end to the rain after all.

In the meantime, although the next few weeks are forecasted for similar rain seen in January, there are many days where the sun is expected to peek through the clouds. The days following Bellarmine’s finals week have a high likelihood of sun with only a 15% chance of rain, so make sure to celebrate the end of the semester outside in the park or on a walk with some friends. These days will mark some of the best weather of the year so far, so go and enjoy the sunshine.