COVID-19: One year later

Jacob Hanigan

One year after we left campus on March 12, 2020, we are still zooming away. COVID still travels through the country and many people are affected by it. We have missed so many things. We missed the Summer Olympics, 2020 March Madness, and plenty of other things. So I am here to ask, how are you different than you were when COVID first started?

Senior Johnny Lo said, “I have enjoyed spending time with myself and have learned more about myself during this time. It has opened my eyes.”

This time has been different for everyone, but for many people they have experienced similar experiences to Lo. This time away from everyone has been a blessing and a curse. People have had to give up trips or times with friends, but in return have been able to learn new talents and spend time with their families and close loved ones.

While I am not saying that this time of COVID has been great, but I think that it has allowed us to appreciate good things. So despite us missing the movie theaters or a full fan football season, I think many of us have changed for the better.