When is it too early to begin listening to Christmas music?

Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/s/photos/christmas-music

As Halloween passes, some enter a state of preparing for Christmas or Thanksgiving. A controversy starts over whether it’s considered too early to begin the playing of Christmas music. A few students below give their strong opinions on when the Christmas spirit should begin. 

Junior Abbie Wachter shares why she thinks that the playing of Christmas music should begin on November 1. “Once Halloween is over, Christmas time starts and that’s when Christmas music becomes acceptable. Even though some people say that Thanksgiving is in this time and that we should celebrate that first, I think we should celebrate Christmas for the majority of November, celebrate Thanksgiving during the break, and then continue after. Thanksgiving doesn’t have any Christmas music. Christmas is just good vibes and I think that Christmas music should be allowed to listen to once Halloween is over.”

On the opposing side of the argument, junior Ramsey Slack shares in great detail as to why she believes Christmas music should be listened to after Thanksgiving. “It’s wrong to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving because November is all fall. The whole month is fall. You can’t be listening to Christmas music which is associated with winter and December while it’s still fall. Because then once it becomes December you’re already sick and tired of it and it doesn’t have the same effect anymore because you have already been listening to it for a month. It doesn’t feel right listening to it during November because no one is in the Christmas spirit until December. If you’re the only one in the Christmas spirit and no one around you is, you’re just forcing the spirit on yourself and you can’t do that. Thanksgiving is like a fall holiday, why are you listening to Christmas music so early? It’s a fall holiday! After that you can celebrate Christmas.”

Similar to Slack, sophomore Ava Erickson gives her take on the listening to Christmas music. “I think that Christmas music should be listened to after Thanksgiving. Christmas music should be listened to at least once the colorful fall leaves have fallen because the leaves remind me of fall which 100% isn’t associated with christmas music. If people listened to Christmas music on a regular basis it would take away so much from the Christmas spirit and holidays. And then December would not be nearly as festive when it is time to show the Christmas spirit.”

With these differing opinions, all can agree that the music Christmas brings is an essential part of the spirit of Christmas.