From a Bird’s Eye Review – January Music Reviews

The Weeknd – Dawn FM


The Weeknd’s most recent album Dawn FM, was a serious sep down from the high level of music he normally produces. This album, more so than his previous, was very focused on story telling, making it an awkward listening experience. Throughout the album, there were lots of narrations and attempts at skits that didn’t really connect, and felt like there was some kind of story trying to be developed, but with no real plot or organization. The vocals and lyricism of The Weeknd were almost as good as they normally are, but felt worn out this time around. The story, once again, just felt like it was repetitive, and going in circles. The Weeknd also went for a slightly different style, using more auto tune and effects on his voice than normal, but it came out sounding forced and unnatural. Overall, the album needed more time. It was obviously rushed, and it was much worse for it.

Earl Sweatshirt – Sick!


The Odd Future prodigy, Earl Sweatshirt, released another fantastic album. His most recent album, Sick!, maintained his original style of lyric writing, and his tone of delivery that has made him so well known. Earl Sweatshirt, throughout this album, looks back at his career and the grind he’s been through. Each song has its own special theme, and has individuality. This resulted in a diverse array of songs, ranging from reflecting on his life and career, to fame, to where he came from. Sweatshirt showed his newfound maturity, and the artistic ability that accompanies it. The album, in the end, came out polished and complete, being a flawless addition to his discography.



FKA Twigs’ experimentation has finally found its place in her latest project. CAPRISONGS, the most recent release from FKA Twigs took on a more pop/R&B oriented approach to music, rather than the very ambient-styled projects of her past. This album showed more of her creative and vocal range than normal, and was a lot easier to listen to than previous albums. Alongside this, each track on the album feels like it has its place, and they don’t feel as long and drawn out as usual. Despite this, some off putting remnants of FKA Twigs’ previous style were present on this album, and contrasted aggressively with the new style of music she is working with. The album may not be flawless, but it is a solid project and indicates good things for the future of her career.

Eazy – Kanye West & The Game


Ye’s recent single, Eazy, was a comforting return to more standard rap music after Ye’s recent gospel releases. Eazy is a simple beat with lyrics from Ye and The Game, and is overall a solid release. The production was simple, as it was just a brief sample and a loop. The lyricism from both artists on the track was fantastic, with both artists reflecting on the success of their careers. Ye especially came out on this track, addressing recent scandals such as him moving in next door to his recently divorced ex-wife. While the single wasn’t anything special or out of the ordinary, Kanye brought out his typical musical skills seen in the rest of his work.

Cordae – From a Bird’s Eye View


There isn’t much to say about Cordae’s most recent album, From a Bird’s Eye View. Cordae reflects on his career’s success and his past, all through beautifully done lyrics and production. One of the best parts about this album, beyond Cordae’s work, was the features. Lil Wayne, Gunna, H.E.R., Freddie Gibbs, and more all compliment the album perfectly. Overall Cordae released a stellar album that is sure to be a classic in contemporary rap.

Benson Boone – Ghost Town


Up and coming artist Benson Boone released his single Ghost Town to no excitement, and deservedly. It appears that Boone’s entire “thing” is incorporating the piano into his music, while also being a regular pop artist. The song turned out to be, in the simplest and nicest way possible, boring. If dollar store Elton John was attempting to make a viral song to be played in grocery stores and doctor’s waiting rooms across the nation, he did just that. But, if Boone wanted to make something unique and new, he utterly failed.