Goodbye (for now): Twins separating for college

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The first year of college will be a transition for everyone, but especially for those who share a sibling their age. Five sets of twins (myself included) and one set of triplets make up the class of 2023, and have some thoughts about separating from their siblings for the first time next year.

Olivia Wiebe: “I feel a little nervous about being separated next year. Emily and I weren’t really planning on going to college together anyways but I didn’t necessarily expect for her to leave the entire country, even though I’m really excited for her! We’ve made plans on how to stay in touch and keep each other in the loop, but I guess we’ll only know for sure how it’s gonna go when we get there.”

Emily Wiebe: “I think being separated next year is going to be strange, because we do spend a lot of time together, even if it’s just hanging out in each other’s rooms doing absolutely nothing. But it will also be so exciting to have a bunch of stories to tell each other, which I hope we will get to do as often as possible either over the phone or in person! It is definitely going to be a change though.”

Drew Albaugh: “I feel nervous about separating from Natalie for the first time because my whole life whenever I really need advice I can turn to Natalie. She has been my rock throughout my whole life and even though I can call it won’t be the same. It is a good challenge for me but a challenge that I am not particularly looking forward to.”

Hailey Berg: “I am very excited to enter into a new chapter of my life, but I am very sad to leave my twin sister and my family. I have been asked this question before and my response has always been since we are both starting new lives in different places it makes me less sad. Knowing that we are both in the same positions and leaving home together makes it easier than if my twin was staying at home.”

Jordan Salazar: “Overall I feel that this is the best next step for my brother and I. As an identical twin who has always experienced life with my brother at my side, receiving my college education and living on my own feels like the experience that I need in order to continue to grow as an individual. I’m excited. While I know that I’ll miss my brother (after a while), and I’ll probably worry about him sometimes, I also know that this is the best next step for us.”

Jonas Salazar: “I am excited. Maybe that sounds harsh to other people, but I think what’s important for people without a twin or triplet to remember is that in many ways you grow up in a relationship. While me and my brother are obviously different people, I feel that often other people have given us a shared identity. One thing I really want to do at college is find my own distinct identity, with relationships completely shaped by myself, choices made on my own without considering my brother. Also, anyone with siblings knows that while we are individuals, if you are around family you will act and think differently then when your alone. I have rarely been apart from my brother up to this point, I really want to explore what life is like when you are all on your own. I will miss him I’m sure, but we will keep in touch, and maybe we will be less sick of each other then. ;)”

I concur with all of these opinions. Although I will miss my sister next year, and am already planning trips and weekly phone calls, our separation will only make our relationship grow stronger. Remember that the goodbyes to family, siblings, pets, and other loved ones are not forever.