Memorial Field gets turf
A computer-generated image of the highly anticipated new turf field. Photo courtesy of

A computer-generated image of the highly anticipated new turf field. Photo courtesy of

A computer-generated image of the highly anticipated new turf field. Photo courtesy of

Ali Lo, Editor

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A computer-generated image of the highly anticipated new turf field. Photo courtesy of

Bellarmine is getting a much desired turf field this summer. Junior Reece Zurfluh, a member of the soccer team, claims, “I am very excited to be able to consistently play on a field. We will be able to have regular practices and games at Bellarmine. It will be great having a home field advantage!”

The project which is estimated to cost $2.1 million– $3.1 million will not only include the implementation of the turf field, but also improvements to the visitor side bleachers, allowing easier spectator access. Improvements to the exterior of the Names Gym are estimated to cost another $1 million. Construction will begin mid-May, thanks to generous donations from the Names Family Foundation ($2 million), Bellarmine Boosters ($400,000) and other sources ($500,000). The project will be funded solely by donations.

President Robert Modarelli expresses the community’s gratitude. “I would really like to thank our donors, supporters and benefactors because without their support, we [Bellarmine] would not otherwise be possible. It is a great thing. I also think that we should be mindful of that and be grateful to God and them for making this possible.”

A member of the Bellarmine football team, Josh Hanigan, concurs. “I’m ecstatic and extremely thankful to have the opportunity to play on the new field. I’m also really glad that all of the teams will be able to experience turf.”

The students are extremely excited and pleased to be returning home [Bellarmine] to a revamped Memorial Field in the fall. Memorial Field will maintain its name as per request of the donors and the school. The name marks a very important part of Bellarmine history and identity. The field was first commissioned in the 1940s- the first high school grass field in Tacoma- and given its current name in 1945 in the wake of World War II to commemorate former Bellarmine students who died in the war.

The first part of the project [the turf field and visitor side bleachers] is set to be completed this summer in time for the 2018 fall sports season, and the improvements to the Names Gym will be finished by the summer of 2018. This will allow athletic teams to hold regular practices during the season and the PE program to utilize the field year-round.

Jim Dempsey, assistant men’s soccer coach, said, “It’s an excellent opportunity for Bellarmine’s athletic and PE program to have much more consistent use of the field.”

Football player Bronson Torres, junior, agrees. “I think that this is a great thing that Bellarmine is doing and so all sports teams will be included.”

Another junior, Christina Caruso, a member of the women’s soccer team states, “I can’t wait to kick butt on the new turf!”

To the excitement of the lacrosse team, they will be able to play home games at Bellarmine next year as the field will be up to regulation size. The pitch will be permanently marked for soccer and football games and painted for lacrosse games during season.

Lacrosse co-captain, Piper Spencer, said, “This new field will give a lot of other sports opportunities to utilize Memorial Field. As of now, lacrosse practices at Foss High School.”

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Memorial Field gets turf