Girls’ Lacrosse

Elliot Lee, Online Specialist

Last year the Girls Lacross record was 7-5 and they have a very promising year ahead of them as new leadership takes over to guide the team through the spring.
Larkin Daly, senior captain of the lacrosse team, noted that she was excited to, “introduce new people to lacrosse and help develop their skills.” Daly added that as the only senior on the team, she was a trusted servant leader willing to do the most for her team. She added that even though you haven’t played lacrosse, “we’re all super welcoming and we can teach you how to play!”
Ry Stewart, junior captain states that she was ready to “beat Curtis this year!” Stewart is also expecting, “high potential for the new players that entered the team this year.”
Ashlyn Lee, a veteran member of the Girls Lacrosse team, confidently stated that, “when the season starts, our team is going to come out strong and fast,”
Beware of the Lady Lions as the opening Spring season offers new hope and promise of an even greater season than last year.