COVID creates extra time to train for sports


Jacob Hanigan

The gym is seeing some action now that small pods of athletes are coming back.

The gym is seeing some action now that small pods of athletes are coming back. (Jacob Hanigan)

As COVID hit and the majority of the second semester last year was moved to online, questions regarding the state of high school sports arose. The beginning of the 202-2021 school year has forced Bellarmine Prep to make adjustments as seen with the new hyflex schedule and the Senior Pilgrimage, and-add to the mix- sports.

High schools in Washington have been forced to postpone fall sports until spring and changed the landscape for the other seasonal sports.

So as seasons have been delayed, how have athletes been preparing for their season with their added time.

Football player and wrestler Adrian Rosales said, “I make sure that I am preparing physically and mentally for wrestling and football by watching film so I can be the best I can and be a good example for the younger kids.”

Athletes have been given an opportunity to become even better athletes for their upcoming season which is a blessing in disguise. This time can help the baseball player work on his pitches or let the golfer work on her short game and work on their craft.

So even though Friday Night Lights and cross country meets have been postponed, it isn’t the worst thing in the world for the players. This time has allowed them to further progress and hopefully make the next step in their development.