The effect of changed sports seasons this year

The year 2020 has given the world a new perspective on how to carry on its life, and to be more specific, the coronavirus. The coronavirus has thrown obstacles at humankind that have given them a new way to think into how they approach certain matters. At Bellarmine, they’ve created a safe way to learn and better operate from the stay at home schedule. Sports on the other hand have still come to a halt, but the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association has worked hard to try to allow the schools in Washington to re-enter the sports world.

The WIAA, to the knowledge of Bellarmine, has created a system for the 2020-2021 school year that includes four “seasons” to organize the different teams that play at each time. Season one includes sports such as cross country and softball, season two has basketball, cheerleading, and wrestling, season three has volleyball and football, and finally season four includes golf and tennis in alternate seasons with season one.

As amazing as it is to have the sports back in the routine, it won’t all be the same, at least not yet.“The virus has totally robbed us of our ability to foster community outside of the classroom, said Religion and English teacher Brandy Lindstrom B’96.

Bellarmine is known for having fans who are always into the game while watching. It will be hard to be an athlete to look up after the game winning touchdown or the deciding play in basketball and not see fans cheering them on.

“You know…it’s tough because being a fan, you really get into the game. Not being able to enjoy that adrenaline of a football or basketball game for my final year really is hard to grasp,” said senior Kevin Coleman.

Fans are a huge part of sports and activities, and they will be counting down to the days to which they can return to the stands and cheer on their favorite team.

For athletes returning to the sport they love, it must be a challenge to adjust to the timing of when this happens. The star studded athletes at Bellarmine who dedicate time and effort to the game tend to keep a physical and mental schedule in their head, and working hard during a specific time is just routine by now. Athletes as of now have to adjust their workout and practice schedules, which may affect how their body works come game time.