How is the return of sports going?

Charlie Zelazny

So far this year (2020), there have been ups and downs. It has been a year filled with surprises and disappointment. While it seems that students will have to wait for a little longer to return to school, many of them have been returning in small pods for sporting activities.

Almost every sports team up at Bellarmine has been doing this for over a month now and it has gone very well. From a health perspective, there have not been any outbreaks of COVID-19 and many students actually feel better because of the exercise they have been able to get in. From a sports perspective, teams have been able to workout together and build a bond with each other. This will certainly translate later when the season comes around.

“It just is nice to be able to get out of the house and workout with my friends.” This is what junior Luke Shillito said regarding his experience with the workouts. That is another aspect to these workouts. With everyone being confined to their homes for the past couple of months it is good for them to be able to return a little bit to their normal life and see people outside of their family.

While many people have become downtrodden because of the events of this school year and the news about the returning of school, these workouts done by the sports teams up at Bellarmine  help show everyone that we are on our way to returning in a safe environment and that it is possible to regain a sense of normalcy in these trying times.