It’s spring and, for many, that means sports

Sports at Bellarmine are a central part of the community and Lion Pride. A large percentage of the student body participates in one or more sports throughout the year. Spring sports are especially popular with Lacrosse being the Bellarmine sport with the most players.

Bellarmine offers Lacrosse for Boys and Girls, Track and Field, Baseball, Softball, Boys Soccer and Girls Tennis in the Spring.

Those participating in a spring sport this year are a diverse group with varsity, junior varsity, freshmen, etc. Most people playing this season are freshmen, with the grade with the least participants being juniors. Men playing outnumber women substantially. The next sport with the most players after Lacrosse is Track and Field.

The month of March is full of opportunities to support your classmates and show Lion Pride. An upcoming event is the first Track and Field home meet on Tuesday, March 22.

Photo courtesy of Instagram: bprepboyssoccer