Madeline Munguia: Journey to commitment at University of Alabama

Madeline Munguia, a Junior at Bellarmine, announced her commitment to play Division 1 Soccer at the University of Alabama. 

Previously a gymnast, Munguia’s commitment to soccer started at the age of 12. The athleticism from gymnastics became essential to her transition as a goalkeeper. 

Munguia says, “Without gymnastics, I would not be as athletic or able to spring and take landings the way I do.” 

With unwavering support from her mom and especially her dad, Munguia’s career soared. 

Playing for PAC NW, Munguia has had a multitude of highlights in her career. Particularly, National playoffs was one of her favorites. Munguia’s team was in the lowest bracket and had little expectations of winning the championship title. An incredible game with some of her best saves, Munguia managed to keep the game tied. The team went into overtime and ultimately won the championship. 

Munguia states, “When we went into overtime, my forward scored a goal. Knowing we won the game, I went to the ground. It was not just winning that was important, but it was knowing that I had one of my best games ever.” 

Another fond memory was the 2023 Houston National Selection game. Munguia was selected from players all over the country to represent two teams made up of the very best players. Munguia was selected to represent the West Team. She describes the game as nerve-wracking as hundreds of people were cheering around the perimeter of the field. With amazing saves, Munguia kept the game in a shutout. 

Munguia found herself projected into the busy process of being recruited. With over 40 colleges interested in her, she narrowed it down to her top choices: Rice, UCLA, University of Alabama, University of Kentucky, and Santa Clara. 

Dreaming of attending UCLA since the start of her career, Munguia was surprised to be interested in the University of Alabama. She fell in love with the advanced facilities and coaches. 

In October of 2022, after receiving a full ride scholarship, Munguia committed to the University of Alabama. She will attend the University of Alabama in the fall of 2024 to play D1 soccer. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram @madi_munguia