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Byron Chow brings alumni back to bowl

Most everyone knows that Digital Services Manager Byron Chow helps students and faculty/staff alike with their technological needs. What people may not be aware  of is that Chow also helps alumni perfect their bowling skills … and more. With a rich, robust history of athletic competition, Bellarmine’s sport of bowling keeps  former students, now alumni, keep coming back. 

 According to Chow, “I started coaching Bellarmine Boys bowling in 2011. In 2012 I turned the Bellarmine bowling into coed.  I started to coach the Saturday junior league and started to promote SMART bowling scholarships.  Student bowlers started to bowl in tournaments also for SMART scholarships.”

Bellarmine Bowling took off over 10 years ago. Image courtesy of Byron Chow

Chow not only coached at Bellarmine, but also youth bowling at Narrows Plaza Lanes, Pacific Lanes, Bowlero Lanes, Paradise Lanes and JBLM (Bowl Arena Lanes). 

Chow assisted all of his players in numerous ways. “Over the years I have reached out to collect used bowling balls to give to kids.  I have also reached and gotten corporate sponsorships to help bowlers pay for tournament entry fees.”

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Bowlers throughout the years. Information courtesy of Byron Chow

But then COVID hit. 

“After COVID, Bellarmine Bowling [formal school teams] never started again.  I reached out to Bellarmine Bowling alums to see if they wanted to bowl in the summer league. Starting in 2021, alums started wanting to bowl when they were home from college summer break.”

The regular summer alumni bowlers included:

Joe Albers, Luke Bolt, Mikayla Boyd, Joseph Francisco, RJ Lawber, Jimmy Leggett, Jack Martin, Cooper Pethick, Chelsey Rosario, Jade Sevilla, Johnny Sevilla.

The Bellarmine alumni bowling program continued to grow.

In 2023-24, Chow said, “This year I was able to form three Bellarmine Adult bowling teams. The players included Joe Albers, Jaeveon Cunningham, Josh Hanigan, Ian Hilger, Aylen Murray, Nico Perry, Cooper Pethick, and Coach Chuck Woods.”  

With the fall season ending, Chow turns his attention to this summer with seven teams ready to bowl.  “This year we will have even more new alumni returning this summer, including Gabi Blair, Jaeveon Cunningham, Qunn Donnelly, Jenna Eidenmuller, Nathalie Ojeda, Daniel Schott, Maliyah Sek, and even two faculty members,  Michael Peterson and Bernie Salazar.”

Some of Chow’s 10 best memories include:

  1. Winning First Place in State in 2014-2015
  2. Being named WSBPA Coaches Hall of Fame in 2014-2015
  3. Having Phillip Bolt become the first Bellarmine Bowler to attend Lindenwood Division I bowling team for four years
  4. Witnessing Mark Ponce making the South Sound USBC All-Star Team
  5. Seeing Mark Ponce and Emily Cybulski winning Bowl With Me Doubles – 2017
  6. Celebrating Joe Albers and Jack Martin 2016 win Doubles Champion – 2018
  7. Helping Joseph Francisco win the USBC $2,000.00 SMART College Scholarship
  8. Witnessing Jade Sevilla win First Place – Division 2 Singles at the State Bowling Tournament where earned a $1,000 SMART College Scholarship for her first place finish
  9. Celebrating RJ Lawber win the Singles Scratch Division at the Classic Masters
  10. Collecting alumni bowlers college t-shirts (Chow currently has over 50 college t-shirts and counting)

According to Chow, another memory included,  “Witnessing Cooper Pethick bowling his first 300 as my teammate in a doubles tournament.”  Chow remembered this event on the day Chow himself rolled a 300 game on April 16.  This was Chow’s second 300 game and he cherishes his best bowling accomplishment of rolling an 804 series.

Coach Chow has amassed a collection of college t-shirts from his alumni bowlers. Information courtesy of Byron Chow

 While Chow has taught winning techniques and fostered a love for the sport to these alums, he has also cultivated lifelong relationships and enriched their lives in different ways. “I have had bowlers who did work/study for me. I have been job references for many of my bowlers. I have gotten jobs for bowlers. Most importantly, I feel like I have created a cohesive community with these alumni whom I now consider friends.” 

If any Bellarmine employee wishes to bowl in an 11-week spring/summer league (starting May 16)  with former Bellarmine students,  contact Byron Chow at [email protected] . Bellarmine alumni or present students, email Chow if interested in occasional bowling events.

The 2023-24 winter bowlers from left to right:
Coach Chuck Woods, Johnny Sevilla (B’18), Joseph Francisco (B’19), Cooper Pethick (B’17), Coach Byron Chow, Jaeveon Cunningham (B’19), Josh Hanigan (B’18), Joe Albers (B-’16). Photo courtesy of Byron Chow

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