The students have spoken and ‘voted’ on Election Day


Aiden Patel

On Monday, Nov. 2, the eve of Election Day, the Lion Journalism program invited students to participate in an optional poll. Here are the results from 485 respondents.

The 9th graders had 140 responses with the 10th graders coming close with 134 responses.

The 11th graders had 123 responses.

The 12th graders, and some may have been eligible to vote in this year’s election, had 88 responses.

For the presidential race, there were 269 responses for the Biden/Harris ticket. There were 180 responses for the Trump/Pence one.

There were 10 responses for the Libertarian party and 7 responses for the Green party. There were 19 Other/Write-in responses.

For the governor’s race, there were 258 responses for Inslee and 213 for Culp.

There were 14 responses for an Other/Write-in candidate.