The Lion goes online to support sustainability efforts

Leo Bessler, MaryRose Johnson, Tashi Landers-Quinn, and Taraneh Moeini

Inspired by the 2021-22 Sustainability efforts by Bellarmine Prep, this year the Lion newspaper has decided to focus on creating a more robust online edition rather than costly print issues. In addition, the Lion will work on video media as well.

In 2017-18, the Lion introduced BOP, or Broadcast, Online Print versions of news. Journalism teacher and adviser Jeanne Hanigan secured a $7500 grant and purchased broadcast equipment for the makeshift broadcast room.

For the next two years, the journalism students worked on all aspects of BOP, with a primary emphasis on Print. However, the pandemic shifted the staff online during the spring of 2020, and the journalism program continued to publish with monthly articles online. They were able to publish a simple version of the college map, as it is a popular tradition on campus.

In addition, the 2020-21 staff produced significant content, including the “Lions on the Hill” documentary which featured the Butler sisters. The Lion also produced two podcasts regarding the pandemic. And to alleviate the stress of the spring, the staff released an April Fools’ online satirical magazine. All of these stories can be found on the student newspaper website:

As one can see, all was not lost. Editor Kelli Allen even won the prestigious Washington State Journalist of the Year award as the year came to a close.

In 2021-22, the Lion staff received permission to use the former tech room in the Bellarmine building as its broadcast space. Complete with an “On Air” sign, staff members hope to create more broadcast videos.

Check out this year’s 2021-22 promo video along with the daily announcements for Monday, Oct. 11.


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