Boys tennis currently tied for the league title

The boys tennis team is currently tied for the league title having lost one match 2-3 against Sumner High School after defeating them 3-2 in a previous match. The post-season will begin on October 20 and will almost certainly feature Vasanth Ramachandran B’ 23 as the #1 seed for singles and possibly Dolan Wynne B’ 25 and Jacob Tan B’ 24 as the #1 seed for doubles.

Bellarmine began the season on Sept. 6 with a strong start, defeating Curtis High School 5-0. Bellarmine faced considerable opposition against Sumner High School on Sept. 8, but managed to win 3 of the 5 courts, clinching the match victory. Bellarmine proceeded to defeat Emerald Ridge, Annie Wright, and South Kitsap on Sept. 15, 16, and 20 with scores of 5-0, 5-1, and 5-0 respectively.

Bellarmine faced Olympia High School, a seasoned team, in a notably long match, winning 3 of the 5 courts. Bellarmine and Olympia have a long-standing tradition of friendship dating back to 2020 as both teams have been consistently dominate throughout the past four years.

While losing to Sumner High School, it was almost impossible for the loss to be narrower as Sumner’s third doubles clenched the victory in the tie-breaking third set, the final score of which was 5-7.

Bellarmine’s last match before the post-seasons, as of the time of this writings, is currently undecided and is against Curtis High School, book-ending the seasonal schedule.

The team is lead by co-captains Xavier Nazzal B’23, Vasanth Ramachandran B’23, Evan Janakievski B’23, and John Bethke B’23, Nazzal having played on varsity since freshman year and Ramachandran since sophomore year.

This year, there are four players who can generally be depended upon to win their respective courts no matter the team. Ramachandran, the #1 singles player, has never lost his court or dropped a set, his closest match resulting in a 6-3, 6-4 victory. Nazzal, the #2 singles player, has also never lost his court or dropped a set and has played in the #1 singles spot twice, winning the court both times.

Jacob Tan, a junior, and Dolan Wynne, a sophomore, approach the end of the season with a 11-1 record and have a favorable chance at winning the leagues tournament in doubles.

Held at the University of Puget Sound, the leagues tournament will span from Oct. 20 to Oct. 21, showcasing the most skilled tennis players across the local 4A schools. Whereas Bellarmine has won the leagues tournament in the past, they may have a good shot at it this year as well.

The roster complete with the set of courts won and lost.
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