Knowledge is power: Knowledge Bowl prepares for its fourth year

Coming from the Latin “trivialis,” meaning commonplace, trivia challenges our expertise on seemingly random facts. From the television show “Jeopardy” to the board game “Trivial Pursuit”, trivia has been the focus of competition all throughout the globe.

Right here at Bellarmine Prep, the knowledge bowl team is preparing for the winter sports season. President Maya Krattli ‘24 can be found leading students through practice sessions every Tuesday afternoon in B-2 with advisor Liu Johnson. 

Each meeting consists of special practice questions designed specifically for the knowledge bowl team. While pop culture challenges may seem fun, the club focuses on a variety of academic subjects. From geography, history, science, and the occasional math problem, Knowledge Bowl hosts questions that challenge all grade levels.

December through February is the height of competition as Bellarmine partakes in both home and away games. Against another local school, the team commutes to the school or fires up their brain power in B-3 for a fierce battle of wits.

Bellarmine’s Knowledge Bowl team is currently looking for new members. If interested, readers can contact [email protected] for more information. Make sure to tell them that the Bellarmine Lion sent you!

Club Members focus on the whiteboard in B-2. (Ian Stoddard)
Knowledge Bowl members listen intently. (Ian Stoddard)