Courts for Kids: Abroad in Nepal


The Bellarmine group arriving in the Chitwan Valley. Photo by Courts for Kids

During Bellarmine’s Spring break, over 20 students traveled to the Chitwan Valley of Nepal for a Courts for Kids trip. The group was tasked with building a court in the Chitwan valley in the span of a little over a week. 

The long and grueling travel time of 36 hours was worth it to senior Amy Mbugua, who had a great time connecting with the local community. The Bellamine group was able to celebrate Nepal’s New Year with the locals, where they danced and played with several children.

When asked about her cultural experience in Nepal, Mbugua stated, “I learned more about how religion has such an impact in society. With the majority of the population practicing hinduism and myself being Christian I had to open myself to the different beliefs they had. For example the new year celebration was a new event for the Courts for Kids group. We had to listen to what it was about but also have fun. Overall the children from the orphanage and our guide shaped our experience for the better.” 

This experience for many Bellarmine students was hard, as they worked long hours everyday. Upon return, many students did come back sick and therefore required lots of rest and recovery. 

Despite this, Mbugua still recommends going on a Courts for Kids trip, as it is a “once in a lifetime experience for a Bellarmine student to have and it helps you create bonds with people at your school that you were not really close with.”