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While new art gallery debuts in Fr. Weber Hall, teacher Tom Gross Shader has works on display at TCC

Madeline Halvorson

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The new Fr. Weber art gallery displays local artists. Photo by Madeline Halvorson

This year, 2017-18, there is a new art gallery in the foyer of Weber Hall.

The gallery is free to attend and open every Monday-Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The gallery will feature four different Puget Sound artists this year, each displaying their art for a month. “There are going to be times when student art is featured, but right now it’s some artists from the community,” senior Clare Cantus, art extraordinaire, said.

The most recent art pieces in the gallery were created by Chandler Woodfin and Todd Jannausch. Their pieces were unveiled on September 7 and ran until September 28.

October art pieces will be done by alumni Matthew Boyle and Zoe Burchard.

Cantus explained, “Mr. Meeker [art teacher] is also looking into having a show of art by middle schoolers from around the district.”

When asked how she felt about not having a Weber gathering space anymore, Cantus responded, “Isn’t an art gallery a pretty cool place to meet?


In addition, students and alumni are not the only ones hosting exhibits. Art teacher Tom Gross Shader has three paintings featured at an art show at Tacoma Community College. The display runs through October.

Gross Shader explains how he comes up with his subject matter. “The impetus for my paintings comes from many directions. Sometimes it is quite simple, I see something that is beautiful or intriguing and I want to respond as I respond, which is through Art. Other times it is a bit more complicated. I feel compelled to address issues orbiting my mind and/or my heart, in which case I develop imagery and conditions that I hope convey the spirit of what I am feeling.”

Teacher Tom Gross Shader’s art is on display at Tacoma Community College through October. Photo by Jeanne Hanigan


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While new art gallery debuts in Fr. Weber Hall, teacher Tom Gross Shader has works on display at TCC