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College application and essay stress

Ali Lo, Editor

November 3, 2017

    College applications— the two most stressful words that someone can say to a high school senior. In addition to representing a new chapter in these students’ lives, college applications are synonymous with...

Sporadic Support for Sacred Hour

Cristina Shaffer, Editor

November 3, 2017

The start of a new school year brings about many changes. New teachers, new facilities and the main issue for students, the implementation of Sacred Hour program. In an email to students, Jessica Achziger, administrative assistant, explains how...

Christmas in November through the fall musical, ‘A Christmas Carol’

Audrey Pentimonti

November 2, 2017

The musicals of Bellarmine’s past are rolling in their graves. The musicals of Bellarmine’s future are already shaking in their knees. Why? The musical of Bellarmine’s present, “A Christmas Carol,” is preparing to be t...

Late Start Wednesdays are coming to Bellarmine

Cristina Shaffer

June 14, 2017

Attendance Officer Linda McGowan said, that for some students, "Every day is already a late start."

It’s time to shake up community period

Chloe Hogan

January 6, 2017

Not only did Bellarmine introduce a new campus center this year,but it also introduced new events for Community Period. Now, twice a month, students have the chance to participate in activity period and in office hours. Activity...

What is the cost of a school absence?

Zoë Evans-Agnew

January 6, 2017

What is the real cost of sleeping in late? Of leaving early to catch a concert? How much do these absences cost students? The annual tuition to attend Bellarmine for the 2016-2017 school year is, $14,367. There are 177...

High school’s new favorite cult

Tommy Martin

January 6, 2017

I’ve found a new god. And I think many other seniors have also. We’ve spent much of our time and energy this year on pleasing our new deity, stressing about any failures to do so. We dream about it and talk to our friends...

Students craft Capstones

Cristina Shaffer

January 6, 2017

This week, after over two years of work, Bellarmine seniors will present their final Capstone findings this Wednesday, Jan. 11. The Capstone program, directed by Ron Nilsen and Barbara Henderson, is a research project progra...

Adopt-a-Family continues

Ali Lo and Courtney Hogan

January 6, 2017

At Bellarmine, students do not only celebrate their own families in the Christmas season, but also their Community Period Adopt-a-Families. Before the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday hits, students are given a mission,...

Lions swim in a sea of other schools

RJ Manke

January 6, 2017

Due to the lack of a pool, swimming is a sport that often gets overlooked at Bellarmine. But in reality, many Lions paddle their way to other high schools in search for a swim program. Bellarmine student-athletes can be found...

Bowlers serve up strikes

Bowlers serve up strikes

January 6, 2017

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