Lions on the Hill: an initiative to increase empathy

Ali Lo, Editor-in-Chief

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Many people have seen the feature, “Humans of New York.” It is a photoblog collection of street portraits and interviews collected on the streets of New York. It allows regular individuals an opportunity to share their story and increases awareness of problems people around the world are faced with. In addition to providing perspective, “Humans of New York” allows its viewers to realize that their problems are not unique.

The Bellarmine Lion newspaper is attempting to accomplish something similar. We will be randomly interviewing people within the Bellarmine community in the coming weeks by asking questions that will allow us to view each other through a different lens:

What is one word that has significantly impacted the way you see yourself?

What really matters to you?

Can you describe one time that someone positively impacted your life?

Furthermore, it is a way to begin or continue to the retreat experience. In many students’ and faculties’ opinion, the retreats are what makes Bellarmine special. It is an outlet that allows the students to connect with themselves and each other. Many students form lifelong friendships on these weekend getaways and strengthen their current relationships. We hope to create a similar feeling of interconnectedness and empathy through these short videos.

Once we get started, we hope to release one feature everyday via our social media platforms like Instagram (@bpslion).

According to social studies and leadership teacher Jim Dempsey, the goal is to “increase empathy.” We want people to know that their problems are not unique and that their ordinary words and actions can make an impact on people.

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