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Welcome, New and Returning Staff

Amina Khan and Julia Maher, Writer

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The theme for the 2018 to 2019 school year is resilience, and teachers demonstrate this quality. Teaching is a demanding exercise of attention, will and fair judgment. Teachers have the ability to enable students to grow in an understanding of their identity and place in the world. Bellarmine teachers influence their students through their classes and the relationships they form with students. As the school year begins, the Bellarmine community welcomes several new staff members as well as some returning teachers.

Alumna Kristen Gormley, Learning Resource Center specialist, enjoys teaching because she can watch students’ passions grow about certain subjects. She can still play the Bellarmine fight song on her flute and reminisces about her days on the marching band.

Gary Mayne, counselor, comes from a family of educators and previously taught band. Mayne appreciates helping students identify and maximize their strengths. When he joined the Bellarmine community, he described it as warm, inviting, steady and high-performing. His philosophy is to “meet people where they’re at, help them grow and get them where they’re going.”

Alumna Kristine Zelazny, assistant to the Dean of Students, has always felt a connection to Bellarmine. To Zelazny, Bellarmine’s community is rich in people who genuinely care about each other and live to serve others.

Alumnus Brian O’Loughlin, drama director, believes that when it comes to theater, the community’s ideas are important as an individual’s work. O’Loughlin said, “What we can create together will exceed what any of us can create alone. With this in mind, most questions in a rehearsal or a production meeting are often met with my response of ‘What do you think?’”

Fr. Alejandro Baez, SJ, music director, believes that teaching is a great opportunity to build relationships with students and their families. He often finds himself laughing with his students. His philosophy of education is embracing the entire person. For Baez, every rehearsal and performance must be effective, mindful, communal and fun.

Jazz Etter and alumna Bridget Nuno are new to the science and mathematics departments. Etter, science teacher, enjoys working with high school kids because they are developing their identity and humor. She appreciates the spirit of Bellarmine—a focus on academics and on the development of the individual. Nuno, math and science teacher, lives for the lightbulb moments and values equity in her teaching. She said, “I want students to get to the point at which they want to be and need to be.”

Alumnus Tim McCarthy and returning teacher Jose Cruz teach mathematics. McCarthy describes Bellarmine as one big family. He felt called to teach when he saw the joy in students’ eyes when they understood a concept. McCarthy wanted to continue experiencing that joy. Cruz previously taught at Bellarmine from 2010 to 2015. He came back because it reminds him of his own experience with teachers and retreats. Cruz wants students to know that math can be fun.

James Bryan, returning teacher, has a passion for language and culture. He enjoys working on a beautiful campus with a supportive group of colleagues. Bryan believes the Bellarmine community is a safe place for students to grow. He knows that multilingualism offers an opportunity to build bridges between cultures.

Mindi Morin is the advisor of the yearbook staff and loves being a teacher. Morin enjoys storytelling and teaching her students how to be storytellers through words and photographs. Her students also offer a different and wonderful perspective. She said, “It’s the best of both worlds.”

Alumna Anna Hunthausen, English teacher, enjoys combining two passions together—literature and education. She said, “I have always been really amazed by how supportive and tight-knit the community is. My classmates faced hardships, and the community rose up to help.”

During the start of the school year, contemplate what wise American author Mark Twain once said: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Beginning this year with study and practice, paying attention in class and appreciating the unique gifts teachers offer will help Bellarmine persevere and live out the theme of resilience. The Bellarmine community welcomes the new and returning staff.

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Welcome, New and Returning Staff