Wildfires pass through the Pacific Northwest

Liam Emerick

The year of 2020 has been rough for people everywhere. Challenges increased for citizens of the northwest over these past few weeks with widespread wildfires. Washington, Oregon, and California were all hit hard. Looking out the window it almost looked like a scene from an apocalypse movie. Some Bellarmine students were unhappy due to the poor air quality, but considered themselves lucky they were not at a close range to the actual fires. Others were not as fortunate.

Senior Josh Jimenez spent this week in September all indoors.  He said that “the impact of wildfires was disastrous.”

Amelie Steinbacher, also a senior at Bellarmine, had a taxing experience when the fires threatened her home in Bonney lake. She said, “I had to evacuate because of how close the fires were to my house. The experience wasn’t as scary for me as it was surreal- I never thought I would have to leave my home and possibly never see it again.”

These times can be unsettling especially when thinking about how anyone in the Bellarmine community could be affected. Hopefully the worst of the 2020 wildfire season, one of the most destructive in recent history, is behind us.