Mars Rover Landing

Liam Emerick

For about 3.5 billion years life has populated the planet earth. As far as we know, this is the only time and place life has ever existed. However, advancing technology and a rebooted space program has given life on earth little hope/dread that what we know might change.

         On Feb. 18, a new rover landed on the planet Mars. Perseverance is its name. Finding evidence of past life is its mission. NASA’s rover is basically a mobile laboratory equipped with some of the most advanced tools our world has to offer. It can also be seen as a stereotypical history museum, a home to seemingly boring objects that mean so much more after being examined by an expert. A single boring rock could change everything we thought we knew about our solar system. 

             For the most part the Bellarmine community is very excited about the possibility of past life on Mars.

Physics teacher Mr. Chase said, “yes,” when asked if he thinks they will find samples of life.

Senior Johnny Lo seemed to think one of two possibilities is likely to happen. He said,  “Either microscopic life will be found or we will find martians and there will be a space war.”

Freshman Stella Gomez, on the other hand, said, “No, I do not think there has ever been life on Mars.