Tips and tricks on how to deal with online school

Aiden Patel

Does it feel harder to stay focused and engaged during online school? Are you finding it difficult to stay energized and up to date on your school work? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions don’t worry, this article is for you.

As Bellarmine begins the new school year with online distance learning, many students say they feel it is much more difficult to stay on top of school work and stay motivated while doing online school. Although it can be difficult to do school from home, there are many tips and tricks that can help you stay focused and feel energized for not only online school, but for homework and studying.

The first tip that might help you feel more energized and productive is to go to classes, study and do homework sitting up on a desk instead of on your bed. Sure, lying in your bed may be the more comfortable option but over the years, your brain has been trained to associate the bed with sleeping. Because of this, attempting to lay on your bed to listen to a lecture or study for a test will result in you becoming more tired because your brain thinks you are about to sleep. Sitting up at a desk not only provides you with enough space to work, but also similar to being at school which will make you feel more energized and engaged.

Another trick that might help you feel more energized at home is the lighting in which you study. Similarly to the bed, working in a poorly lit room causes your brain to think it is night time. When it gets dark at night, your brain senses the decrease in light and begins to “shut down” which is why it’s much easier to sleep with lights off rather than on. Working in a dark room in the morning will make your brain think it’s still night and working in a dark room in the evening will make your brain think it’s already night. A well lit room will allow for you, and your brain to work as effectively as possible which in return will allow you to work more quickly and stay engaged.

Finally, the last trick that will help you stay energized and motivated is a more obvious one, get plenty of exercise. While you may not want to wake up at six to go workout or run, it is very important to do some form of exercise consistently every week. In fact, one of the best times to get your exercise in is right after school ends. This is a great time because it breaks up the time you engage your brain and gives it a rest. Also, it has been proven that your brain works more effectively and you feel more energized while studying shortly after exercising.