How do seniors feel about their last semester of high school?

The class of 2022 were more than halfway through their sophomore year when the pandemic began. After a full year on zoom, this year has been highly anticipated by all students, but is especially significant to seniors who will leave the Bellarmine community in May. Most seniors are living in the unknown, a place that has become common, while very few know what their futures hold. Though there is only one semester left of high school for the seniors I asked some students from the class of 2022 what they want to accomplish in this time, and to reflect on their last 3 years at Bellarmine.

When asked her initial thoughts on having one semester left senior Kayla Jean-Libago said, “just wow really.” She also described feeling a sense of adrenaline knowing that the year is almost coming to a close.

Senior Hyeseung Lee felt relieved. “I’m excited to graduate because I just feel like I am exhausted from high school.” Another senior mentioned, “I could not be more grateful that the year is coming to an end, that might change when I get to the graduation stage, but right now that’s how I feel.”

In terms of finals coming up, student Kayla Jean-Libago says her methods have changed since freshman, sophomore, and junior years. “I think I approach studying finals differently now. Much more in the think ahead and work on what you don’t know method.” Jean-Libago also noted that she felt burnt out when studying for finals in the past. However, another student expressed feeling differently and said “This is one of the hardest finals and in previous years I never had to study this hard.”

Lee added, “I’ve been feeling very stressed and I kind of wish I took easier classes.”

When asked how she feels about being able to have her senior year in person, Lee said, “I actually prefer being online because of Covid.” Another senior added on, “I’m grateful my last year is as normal as it can be in a pandemic but I would feel more secure at home.” Responding to the same question Jean-Libago said, “I am so glad. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have this opportunity when the classes before me didn’t really get a prepped graduation. Once I do remember, it really puts everything in perspective.”

Looking forward to the semester ahead each of the seniors shared some of the things they hope to achieve by the end of senior year. One senior expressed that she wanted to get into her dream school and Lee added on saying, “I want to get good grades and for everyone to go to a college that they like.”

Jean-Libago expressed a more personal goal and said, “I hope by the end of senior year, my study habits will be at their peak, but not at the cost of sleep or emotional willpower.”

When she was asked what she hopes to enjoy or gain from this semester, one senior said, “I hope to be able to spend time with my friends before we go to college.”

Jean-Libago felt similarly and said, “I want to enjoy my last bit of high school life, and forgive myself for any regrets.” She added on a reflection and said, “It’s been a rough time the whole journey but I also know I’ll get nostalgic over the good parts in a year or two.”