How to ski during a pandemic

Aiden Patel

While COVID-19 pandemic rages on, one of winter’s most popular activities is just beginning to open in the mountains, skiing. However, this ski season is shaping up to be very different than any other one we have seen. With the pandemic, local and state governments have created rules and regulations that must be followed by the resorts in order to maintain social distancing. This article will discuss the changes you will face when you drive up to the mountains this year.

First, to prevent large gatherings and lines in the lodges, most ski resorts have stopped selling tickets the day of. Instead, make sure you remember to make ticket reservations days before you go in order to reserve a spot for your party and to prevent gathering at the ticket counters. Also, ski resorts have now required face masks to be worn at all times when walking around the lodges, so remember to bring a mask or face covering.

Another thing to look out for is new chair lift guidelines. Instead of packing chairlifts full of people like ski resorts usually do, it is most likely they instead allow two people to go on a chair at the same time while sitting on opposite ends. The only exception to this rule is if you are skiing with family and then you all can take one chair.

Pay attention when coming in for lunch too, many ski resorts have either required each skier to make a lunch reservation beforehand in order to control the amount of people inside at once or will be requiring skiers to bring their own lunch and eat outside or have to go lunch items available for purchase.